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 The plugin must expect the ''​payload''​ object to be a message object from [[http://​​library/​email.html|Python'​s standard email library]]. The plugin must expect the ''​payload''​ object to be a message object from [[http://​​library/​email.html|Python'​s standard email library]].
 +==== Loading plugins ====
 +  * MailIn core will load plugin modules according to its configuration file.
 +  * All plugin modules must be listed in a specific configuration option, separated by spaces or colons.
 +    * suffix wildcards should be allowed, such that specifying ''"​nav.mailin.plugins.*"''​ will result in the loading of all modules in the ''​nav.mailin.plugins''​ package.
 +  * A plugin module that fails to import into the Python interpreter shall be ignored by the core, and an exception logged (including a full traceback).
 +==== Configuration =====
 +Example configuration file:
 +# What plugins to load
 +plugins = nav.mailin.plugins.*
 +# Global authorization check (header regexp pattern)
 +# check to see that is in the Received headers
 +authorization = ^Received:​.*uit\.no
 +# Plugin specific options
 +===== API usage =====
 +The following Python / NAV libraries should be used for various aspects of the program:
 +^ api           ^ for what  ^
 +| ''​email'' ​    | Parsing email payloads into Python objects that will be passed around internally |
 +| ''​logging'' ​  | Any logging should be performed using named loggers from Python'​s logging library |
 +| ''​nav.event''​ | Creating and posting events to NAV's event queue |
 +As of this writing, there is no API to create custom event type and alert type hierarchies in the NAV database. ​ This will be added as [[https://​​nav/​+spec/​event-type-creation-api|a separate blueprint in Launchpad]].
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