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   * ''​npm install -g buster''​   * ''​npm install -g buster''​
-  *  +  * install Xvfb 
 +  * ''​dbus-x11''​ maybe needed 
 +  * install google chrome 
 +    * Fetch correct package from https://​​intl/​en/​chrome/​browser/​ 
 +    * Install: ''​dpkg -i <​package>''​ 
 +    * Maybe you need some apt-fu: ''​apt-get install -f''​ 
 +  * install imagemagick (for screenshots)
 ===== Future ideas ===== ===== Future ideas =====
-  * Hudson is currently only track adamcik/​testing as this branch has the required helpers, so as soon as this lands in default/​3.6.x Hudson should be updated to follow the correct repo. 
   * Use LDAP for auth   * Use LDAP for auth
-  * Use​hudson as proxy (with SSL?) 
   * Perform schema diff of upgraded DB   * Perform schema diff of upgraded DB
-  * Integrate new createdb script once written +
-  * As a new version of seeddb is being created, the old version has been blacklisted from the html validation test. This needs to be undone once the new seeddb version is merged. +
-  * Use of virtualenv in bootstrap and the Hudson tests should be removed in favor of a nose version > 0.10 being installed on elixis.+
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