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navbot is a simple ircbot that triggers on #\d+ and looks up the corresponding Launchpad bug. It is put together using existing components from pycat and catsitter. To setup navbot the following steps have been performed:

  createuser navbot --disabled-password
  aptitude install git-core python-irclib
  sudo -i
  cd ~navbot
  git clone git://
  git clone git://
  touch /var/log/navbot.log
  mkdir /var/run/navbot
  chown navbot /var/log/navbot.log /var/run/navbot/
  echo ./pycat/ navbot nav --script=./catsitter/ --args="--settings=nav" > /home/navbot/start-navbot
  chmod +x /home/navbot/start-navbot
  echo navbot chdir=/home/navbot/,output=/var/log/navbot.log,pidfile=/var/run/navbot/,command=/home/navbot/start-navbot >> /etc/daemon.conf
  echo @reboot root daemon --name=navbot --user=navbot > /etc/cron.d/navbot
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