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This document contains information about upgrading from previous version of NAV to 3.6.


After the upgrade the following steps are required:

  1. Make sure Cricket is not running.
  2. Do a backup of all the rrd-files.
  3. Run This will:
    • Delete the cricket-entries in the rrd database (the database will be filled again when the new makecricketconfig runs)
    • Remove any temperature oids from the rrd-files. This because they weren't correct in the first place.
  4. Before removing any Cricket files make sure you have a backup of them. Especially if you have altered them yourself in any way.
  5. Remove old configuration-files from the cricket-config directory. This is only necessary for:
    • Defaults
    • routers/*
    • router-interfaces/*
    • switches/*
    • switch-ports/*
  6. Copy new default configuration files to the cricket-config directory.
  7. Make sure that the datapath in the top level Defaults-file is correct and pointing to the directory where the rrd-files are stored.
  8. Run to extract oids from the Default files and insert them into the snmpoid table.

You can now run to create the Cricket config.

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