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Device Management

The device management tool lets you view device history, register error events, delete outdated modules and more.

Ignore the ordering system - it is leaving NAV

The device management tool consists of six tabs, where we recommend that you ignore three of them.

Ignore these tabs:

  • Order devices
  • Register serial numbers
  • Register RMA

In the next version of NAV, 3.4, these tabs will be taken out of NAV. The tabs are in essence the ordering system that was meant to be a supplement to those of you who wanted to keep track of your network devices prior to operation, i.e. ordering and arrival on cite, and in potential RMA periods.

We find this way outside the focus area of NAV and recommend that you use other system to keep track of orders.

The following Tabs will remain in Device Management and will be explained in the following:

  • Device history
  • Register error event
  • Module delete

Device History

Register Error Event

Module Delete

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