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(!) This documentation is way from complete, as installing NAV is not a trivial task.

Installing NAV on Linux

NAV is primarily aimed at Linux users, although most *NIXes should do. Successful installations of NAV have taken place on the following Linux distributions:


UNINETT maintains a packaged version of NAV for Debian. More information can be found on this page.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 and CentOS 4

Installation of NAV on RHEL4 and CentOS 4 is documented in a step-by-step fashion.

SuSE Linux Enterprise Server

The current NTNU installation of NAV is up and running on SLES 9. InstallingOnSLES gives a short description of how to do it.


This text document is a log of how the prerequisites of NAV 3 were installed on a Redhat Linux 9 server at NTNU
This install log has become rather outdated. It's best to use either the SLES or RHEL4 guides instead.

Installing NAV on other UNIX-like OSes

The universities of Tromsø and Bergen have both been using NAV on FreeBSD, with mixed success. As NAV is developed at NTNU, where Linux servers are prevalent, not much testing has been done on other platforms. This has resulted in several Linux-centric solutions which need to be weeded out.


Work done in the fall of 2004 at the University of Tromsø has given results. NAV can now be found in FreeBSD ports, take a look.

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