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This document presents a list of things we would like to include in NAV. Some of them are just ideas, others may already have planned implementation details.


For a complete history of NAV, see HistoryOfNAV. The first official open source version of NAV was NAV 3.0. The table gives an overview of NAV releases so far and a roadmap ahead:

Version Type status date release notes details
3.0 new features released 16 Sept 2005 release notes
3.0.1 bug fix released 28 April 2006 release notes
3.1 new features released 30 June 2006 release notes
3.1.1 bug fix released 8 November 2006 release notes
3.2 new features released 2 February 2007 release notes TaskList2006
3.2.1 bug fix released 16 February 2007 release notes
3.2.2 bug fix released 1 May 2007 release notes
3.3 new features estimated June 2007
3.4 new features estimated November 2007

There is also a list of OpenIssues, describing issues we are aware of but that have not necessarily been entered into the bugtracker at SourceForge yet.

Projects for February 2007 and beyond

  • Se further details in:
  • TaskList
  • TaskListLowPri

User submitted feature requests

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