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 ==== Right navigation bar ==== ==== Right navigation bar ====
-=== Available views ===+=== Views ===
-A drop down / combi box which shows your available views. Your own views are listed at the top and public views are listed below it.  +Choose active ​view from the drop-down menu.
-The selected ​view is always rendered as the first choice in the drop down.+
-If the view has a description, ​it will be shown below the "​Save"​ and "Favorite" ​buttons+== Actions == 
 +  * The save button will update a selected view. If the view isn't saved it will trigger a "​Save ​new as"
 +  * The "​+"​ button will create ​and save a new view. 
 +  * The "-" ​button will delete the active view. 
 +  * The "​Favourite"​ button will mark this view as your favourite. This view will then be the default view. The favourite view is marked with a heart.
-The save button is a button for updating changes to a selected view, if the view isn't saved it will trigger a "Save new as".  +== Save new view ==
-You probably also noticed the "​+"​ and "​-"​ buttons on the right side, the "​+"​ button is always known as "Save new as" and the "​-"​ button is known for "​Delete active view". Careful, there is no confirmation dialog when deleting a view and as an administrator you are allowed to delete any view!+
-A heart will popup if the selected ​view is the user's favorite ​view. +Enter a title and optionally a description for the new view. You can also set if the view is public or not.
-Save new view =+=== Netbox/Link info ===
-Popups up a modal form, where you can enter title for the view (shown in dropdown) and longer description if that is needed. +Depending on if you clicked ​link or netbox ​the following info will be displayed:
-A checkbox is available to select if the view should ​be open for other users in netmap or private. ​+
-== Map info ==+== Netbox ​==
-This is the view that will render with a Netbox or Link template for a selected ​netbox ​or linkIf your an administrator,​ a link to the administration area will be available at the bottom here.  +Shows information about this netbox. ​You also have the option ​of toggling ​the fixed-state of the netbox on the map.
-Depending on which network topology layer you have active, it will render a bit different information.  +
- +
-== Netbox view == +
- +
-Renders ​the sysname and it's management IP first together with the "​pping"​ indicator ​of the netbox is up or down. (this is atm only loaded at network topology graph load, in the future this will automagically refresh) +
- +
-A checkbox for knowing if the node's position is fixed or unfixed in the graph. Fixed positions is what get's saved when your saving a view.  +
- +
-Category is the netbox's category.  +
- +
-(Missing atm: Device type ;-( )  +
- +
-Room and location information.  +
- +
-If layer2, render VLAN information and option to select a vlan. When clicking ​on a VLAN, it will mark other nodes and links that is member of the current VLAN in it's broadcast domain+
 +If we are on layer2, VLAN information will be displayed and an option to select a VLAN. Clicking on a VLAN will display the spread of it. 
 == Link view == == Link view ==
-If layer3, render netident and netdescription together with active prefixes ​over this link. +If layer3, render netident and netdescription together with active prefixes ​on this link. 
 Renders from  netbox [interface] to netbox [interface] Renders from  netbox [interface] to netbox [interface]
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