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Netmap is the vlanPlot (TrafficMap) replacement currently under development.

Included in NAV 3.4 is a beta-version of Netmap, it includes these features:

  • Dynamic generation of network-topology based upon prefixes for gwports, and the to_swportid field for swports (discovered by networkDiscovery).
  • Fetching of rrd-load data for links between netboxes
  • View load based upon relative usage or on fixed rates (0-100, 100-512,512-2048,2048-4096,>4096 Mbit/s) - the rates are hardcoded, but can be made configurable on high demand.
  • Filtering of netboxes based on categories. These categories are set from the categories you have in the database.
  • Searching. One can search after netboxes based on sysname, room or ip.
  • Freezing of layout to preserve cpu-load. The layout-engine does require some cpu-power, so enabling this when your satisfied with the layout is a good idea.

Known issues:

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