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 +This Wiki contains information about the open source NMS Network Administration Visualized. For the latest official documentationplease see​en/​latest/​ . Some of the older documentation may still be in the process ​of being moved from the Wiki to the official documentation. 
 +===== The NAV tools ===== 
 +NAV includes 20 toolsall reachable from the [[navconfiguration#​using_nav|NAV toolbox]]:​ 
 +[[StatusTool|{{tools:​status.png|the Status Tool}}]] 
 +[[NetworkExplorer|{{tools:​network-explorer.png|the Network Explorer}}]]  
 +[[ReportTool|{{tools:​report.png|the Report Tool}}]] 
 +[[IPDeviceInfo|{{:​tools:​ipdevinfo.png|the IP Device Info tool}}]] 
 +[[MachineTracker|{{tools:​machinetracker.png|the Machine Tracker}}]] 
 +[[macwatch|{{tools:​macwatch.png|Mac Watch}}]] 
 +[[Layer2Trace|{{tools:​l2trace.png|Layer 2 Traceroute }}]] 
 +[[SyslogAnalyzer|{{tools:​syslog-analyzer.png|the Syslog Analyzer}}]] 
 +[[arnold|{{tools:​arnold.png|Arnold ​the port blocker}}]] 
 +[[SeedEssentials|{{tools:​editdb.png|Seed ​the database}}]] 
 +[[AlertProfiles|{{tools:​alertprofiles.png|Alert Profiles}}]] 
 +[[ThresholdManager|{{:​threshold.png|Threshold Manager}}]] 
 +[[UserAdminPanel|{{tools:​useradmin.png|User Administration}}]] 
 +[[Radius|{{:​tools:​radius.png|the Radius accounting tool}}]] 
 +[[DeviceManagement|{{tools:​devman.png|Device History}}]] 
 +===== Overview ​of NAV ===== 
 +{{ :​screenshot:​geomap_trd.png?400|NAV'​s ​Geomap tool}} 
 +  * [[NAVFeatures|Features at glance]]  
 +  * [[NAVScreenShots|Screenshots]]  
 +  * [[NAVFAQ|FAQ]]  
 +  * [[NAVUsers|Who'​s using NAV?]] 
 +===== Download and Use NAV ===== 
 +  * [[navdownload|Download]] 
 +  * [[Gettingstarted|Getting Started]] 
 +  * [[NAVConfiguration|Use NAV]]  
 +  * [[https://​​en/​latest/​|Documentation]] 
 +  * [[NAVTechDoc|Technical documentation]]  
 +===== Roadmap ​and Development ===== 
 +  * Future [[plans]] and historic release information. 
 +  * [[devel:​Devel]] is the starting point for all things related ​to NAV development. 
 +  * Read our [[http://​​|NAV Blog]] ​to find out what we're up to. 
 +===== Getting help ===== 
 +{{ :​screenshot:​netmap.png?​400|NAV'​s netmap tool}} 
 +  * Subscribe ​to our [[MailingLists|mailinglists]]...  
 +  * ...or connect ​to our IRC channel #nav on [[|Libera.Chat]] (//You'll be most likely to find activity there Monday-Friday between 08-16 CET/CEST//). 
 +  * ...or post [[https://​​issues/​new/​choose|bug]] ​to our tracker ​at [[https://​github.comf/​Uninett/​nav/​issues/​|GitHub]]. 
 +===== NAV history ===== 
 +  * The [[HistoryOfNAV|history and evolution ]] of NAV  
 +  * Reports from [[NAVProjects|NAV development projects]] (the early days2001-2004)  
 +====== About this Wiki ====== 
 +This wiki is the documentation home for NAV. 
 +Being a wiki - anyone ​can contribute. The wiki will not allow anonymous edits - you need to register first (Click //Login// at the bottom of this page, then //Register//​). 
 +If you are new to wikis, take a look at the [[wiki:​syntax]] for jumpstart. 
 +====== Show us your appreciation ====== 
 +We would like to continue improving NAV. So would you, right?! If you find NAV useful ​please ​keep our spirits up and send us [[postcard]]! 
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