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-====== ​What is NAV=====+====== ​Welcome to the NAV wiki! =====
-{{nav-logo-grey.png |(NAV logo)}} **Network Administration Visualized** is an advanced software suite to monitor large computer networks. It automatically discovers network topology, monitors network load and outages, and can send alerts on network events by e-mail and SMS, allowing for flexible configuration of alert profiles.+
-Development of **NAV** started in 1999 at the [[|Norwegian University of Science and Technology]] (NTNU). It originated as a collection of scripts used internally at NTNU's ITEA Network group. In 2001 [[|UNINETT]] became interested ​in its development. In 2006 the development ​of NAV was moved from NTNU to UNINETT. NAV is used at nearly all universities and university colleges in Norway and [[navusers|many places elsewhere]]. +This Wiki contains information about the open source NMS Network Administration Visualized. For the latest official documentation,​ please see . Some of the older documentation may still be in the process ​of being moved from the Wiki to the official documentation.
- +
-[[http://​​pycharm/​|{{ ::​logos:​pycharm_logo.png|(NAV developers use PyCharm)}}]] +
-[[https://​​nav|{{ ::​launchpad-badge-w120px.png|(NAV uses Launchpad)}}]] +
-NAV is [[PostCard|free]],​ available under the GNU GPLv2 license. The latest stable version of NAV is 4.0.1 (released 3 April 2014). +
- +
-To quickly kick-start and test NAV we recommend our [[navappliance|virtual appliance]].+
 ===== The NAV tools ===== ===== The NAV tools =====
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   * [[Gettingstarted|Getting Started]]   * [[Gettingstarted|Getting Started]]
   * [[NAVConfiguration|Use NAV]]    * [[NAVConfiguration|Use NAV]] 
-  * [[https://​​|Documentation]]+  * [[https://​​|Documentation]]
   * [[NAVTechDoc|Technical documentation]] ​   * [[NAVTechDoc|Technical documentation]] ​
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   * Subscribe to our [[MailingLists|mailinglists]]... ​   * Subscribe to our [[MailingLists|mailinglists]]... ​
-  * ...or connect to our IRC channel #nav on [[|]] (//​You'​ll be most likely to find activity there Monday-Friday between 08-16 CET//).+  * ...or connect to our IRC channel #nav on [[|Libera.Chat]] (//​You'​ll be most likely to find activity there Monday-Friday between 08-16 CET/CEST//).
   * ...or post a [[https://​​nav|bug]] to our tracker at [[https://​​nav/​|LaunchPad]].   * ...or post a [[https://​​nav|bug]] to our tracker at [[https://​​nav/​|LaunchPad]].
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