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NAV contributions and third party solutions

  • The autodiscovery addon to the collections system is on the release notes of 3.1 said to be a contrib. The autodicsovery is not a contrib it is a part of NAV. It is of cource not compulsary to use.
  • UiT has made a radius module to NAV for their own purpuses. This is running at their NAV installation. They are planning to submit the radius module to contrib for the NAV 3.2 release.
  • UiT has made a windows machine name collector (collects netbios name). A table containing IP addresses and netbios names is maintained. Scheduled for NAV 3.2 contrib.
  • UiT has also made expansions to the NAV service monitor. This includes a radius monitor. This is also scheduled for the NAV 3.2 contrib.
  • MailIn: Andreas Solberg, UNINETT, has made a third party solution that interprets incoming email from external systems and posts events on the NAV event queue.


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