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Autodiscovery wizard for NAV


It would be nice if NAV could offer an autodiscovery feature to make it even easier to maintain the IP devices you want NAV to monitor.

We suggest this is added to the seed database tool.

Input parameters

The user should supply the following info:

  • A snmp read community that should be used in the autodiscovery process (or possibly a list of communities)
  • An optional snmp write community (or possibly list). :!: This should not be a part of the first version
  • A prefix or a list of prefixes that defines the scope to search for new devices
  • A seed router - i.e a router to get relevant arp data etc.
  • A supplied orgid ?


  1. retrieve all active arp records from the seed router that are within the search scope.
  2. for each of these IP addresses:
    • if the IP address exists in NAV - skip
    • if the address answers to SNMP with the given snmp read community - new device found!
      • get system.syslocation: if meaningful use this as room in the bulk import format.
      • set orgid to the supplied orgid
      • decide category… hmmm. Morten?
      • make new row to bulk file (format: roomid:ip:orgid:catid:ro )

This is just an initial draft - should be elaborated/discussed

API for snmp queries

To avoid duplicating code from ipdevpoll, an API that does the relevant snmp queries should be offered by Morten.

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