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This is more of a todo-list than a blueprint.


  • make .descr parser a little more robust (it doesn't handle empty arguments (like 'args=')
  • fix version checking in DNS checker
  • write a new checkservice?
  • update copyright notices and encodings for library


  • use library to fix LP#545029
  • add a library function that checks if a command exists and is executable (and returns the full path to the command.)
  • remove getRequiredArguments() from all checkers (it is never called, and just confuses anyone who works on the code)
  • replace with builtin standard Python socket methods settimeout() and makefile('r+')
  • remove (which is no longer used)
  • remove duplicate code from http/https checkers (done)
  • update copyright notices in checkers
  • add new DHCP checker


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