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ipdevpoll plugins

FIXME This page really needs a standard way to write about plugins.

The following plugins exists for ipdevpoll:


  • Collects ARP and NDP records for IPv4 and IPv6 respectivly.
  • Uses IP-MIB for ARP and IPV6-MIB for NDP
  • Tries CISCO-IETF-IP-MIB for Cisco ARP/NDP if either IP-MIB or IPV6-MIB returned 0 rows.
  • Creates shadow objects from all found ARP/NDP records.
  • Stores all shadow objects that does not exist in the database already. Ie: If there's a row with the same netboxid, ip, mac and end_time = 'infinity' the new record will not be stored.
  • All existing records with end_time = 'infinity' that are not found on this run will be timed out, ie: end_time will be set to the current time.


  • Collects dynamic CAM records for level 2 and level 3 devices.
  • Uses community string indexing if it's needed for the netbox. Will also try community string indexing if we're not certain and there exists vlans on the box.
  • Stores all new records in the database.
  • If a record is not found, we set an end_time to the existing record and start counting misses (miss count).
  • If the miss count exceeds the maximum (default 3) we consider the record closed.
  • Closed records have end time != infinity and miss count == null.
  • If however the record is found before the maximum miss count is exceeded, we reset miss count to 0 and end time to infinity.

DNS name

  • Performs reverse DNS lookups on netbox IP addresses
  • Generates events if there's a missmatch between the reverse DNS lookup and the stored sysname.


  • Polls all interfaces from a given netbox.
  • Compares collected list of interfaces to what's stored in the database.
  • New interfaces are stored.
  • If a interface in the database was not found on the netbox during this run, it is marked as missing (timestamped to the current time).


  • Collects IPv4 and IPv6 with prefixes using ipAddressTable from IP-MIB
  • Fallback to ipAddrTable if no reply on ipAddressTable
  • Tries CISCO-IETF-MIB (cIpAddressTable) if no reply on 'ipAddressTable'


  • Retrieves sysObjectID from the netbox and compares it to what's stored in the database.
  • The database table “type” is used to map sysObjectId to vendor and the netbox type.
  • FIXME Not implemeted: Posts an event if there's a missmatch between stored type and the retrieved type and updates the database.


  • Retrieves vlan from switches and stuff.
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