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Equipment Types

This page contains a list of types that may be unknown to NAV (we say may because they may have been included in a later patch/version). You can use this list directly and bulk in the types in your NAV installation using the “Seed Database tool”.

:!: Please note that when you seed a new IP device of an unknown type into NAV, NAV will automatically create a new type record. The data in this type record may be a bit unreadable and you should then edit the typename, vendor and description using Seed database|Type.

Deriving the sysObjectID

All equipment that answers to SNMP supply a system.sysObjectID, this is an identifier for type. To decide the sysObjectID of your new device you can do the following from a shell on your NAV machine:


    $ snmpwalk -On <ip address> <snmp community> system

  An example:

    $ snmpwalk -On  xxx system

    . = Cisco Systems WS-C5505
    Cisco Catalyst Operating System Software, Version 6.3(3)
    Copyright (c) 1995-2001 by Cisco Systems

    . = OID: .
    . = Timeticks: (706445734) 81 days, 18:20:57.34
    . =
    . = kjemi-sw
    . = HTR Kjemi, Gloeshaugen
    . = 2

    So the sysObjectID in this case is

Get the official typename

When you supply a new type to NAV, you must use a unique type name. If possible (not a requirement) use the official typename of the device. For Cisco equipment consult the [ CiscoProductsMib].

List of types

A list of types follows. Please help us keep this list updated by submiting new unknown types that you encounter!

# Cisco switches
cisco:cat3524tXLEn: 3524tXLEn:3600:yes:yes 
cisco:catalyst295048G: 295048G:3600:yes:yes
cisco:catalyst4003: 4003:3600:yes:yes 
cisco:catalyst4510: 4510:3600:yes:yes
cisco:wsc2980g: 2980g:3600:yes:yes  
cisco:wsc2980ga: 2980ga:3600:yes:yes
# Cisco routers
cisco:cisco1000: 1000:3600:yes:yes
cisco:cisco1003: 1003:3600:yes:yes 
cisco:cisco1601: 1601:3600:yes:yes
cisco:cisco1602: 1602:3600:yes:yes
cisco:cisco1603: 1603:3600:yes:yes
cisco:cisco1604: 1604:3600:yes:yes
cisco:cisco1721: 1721:3600:yes:yes
cisco:cisco1751: 1751:3600:yes:yes
cisco:cisco2500: 2500:3600:yes:yes
cisco:cisco2501: 2501:3600:yes:yes
cisco:cisco2502: 2502:3600:yes:yes
cisco:cisco2503: 2503:3600:yes:yes
cisco:cisco2511: 2511:3600:yes:yes 
cisco:cisco2514: 2514:3600:yes:yes 
cisco:cisco3620: 3620:3600:yes:yes
cisco:cisco3640: 3640:3600:yes:yes
cisco:cisco3750_24TE: 3750 24TE:3600:yes:yes
cisco:cisco4500: 4500:3600:yes:yes 
cisco:cisco4700: 4700:3600:yes:yes 
cisco:cisco7204: 7204:3600:yes:yes
cisco:cisco7204VXR: 7204VXR:3600:yes:yes
cisco:cisco7206VXR: 7206VXR:3600:yes:yes
cisco:cisco7010: 7010:3600:yes:yes
cisco:cisco7505: 7505:3600:yes:yes
cisco:cisco7507: 7507:3600:yes:yes
cisco:cisco7513: 7513:3600:yes:yes
cisco:cisco10720: 10720 (YB):3600:yes:yes 
cisco:cisco12016: 12016:3600:yes:yes
cisco:cisco12404: 12404:3600:yes:yes
cisco:cisco12416: 12416:3600:yes:yes
cisco:ciscoAS5200: AS5200:3600:yes:yes
cisco:ciscoWSX5302: RSM:3600:yes:yes  
# Cisco wireless
cisco:ciscoAirAp350IOS: Air AP 350:3600:yes:yes
cisco:ciscoAIRAP1130: Air AP 1130:3600:yes:yes
# Extreme switches
extreme:blackDiamond6808: BlackDiamond 6808:3600:no:yes
extreme:extremeBD8810: BlackDiamond 8810:3600:no:yes
extreme:extremeSummitX350: Summit X350:3600:no:yes
extreme:summit5iTX: Summit 5i TX:3600:no:yes
# HP switches
hp:hp2824: Switch 2824:3600:no:yes
hp:hp2848: Switch 2848:3600:no:yes
hp:hp2650B: Switch 2650B:3600:no:yes
hp:hp2626B: Switch 2626B:3600:no:yes
hp:hpSwitchJ9019B: Switch 2510B-24:3600:no:yes
# Nortel switches
nortel:sreg-BayStack350-ethSwitchNMM: 350F-HD:3600:no:no
nortel:sreg-BayStack450-ethSwitchNMM: 450-24T:3600:no:no
nortel:sreg-BayStack425-24T: Switch 425-24T:3600:no:yes
nortel:sreg-BayStack5510-24T-ethSwitchNMM: Routing Switch 5510-24T:3600:no:yes
nortel:sreg-BayStack5510-48T-ethSwitchNMM: Routing Switch 5510-48T:3600:no:yes
nortel:rcA8606: 8606:3600:no:yes
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