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Maintenance tasks

Maintenance tasks is where you create and edit equipment maintenance schedules. Equipment on maintenance does not cause alerts when down or unavailable. IP devices or services can be set on maintenance. You may also set a whole room or location on maintanance.

The maintenance task tool has five tabs, where the first is a calendar showing planned maintenance, the next three display tasks (and let you edit them), and the last tab is for adding new maintenance tasks:

  • Calendar: Shows maintenance tasks in a month calendar view.
  • Active: Shows a list of all active maintenance tasks. An active maintenance task is a task that currently taking place.
  • Planned: Shows a list of all planned maintenance tasks. A planned maintenance task has not yet reached its start time stamp.
  • Historic: Shows a list of all historic maintenance tasks. A historic maintenance task is a task that has passed, i.e. the end time stamp has passed.
  • Create new: This is the place for adding a new maintenance task.

Creating a new maintenance task

The form shows the following field, mandatory fields indicated by star (*)

Add components A “TreeSelect” widget allowing you to add locations, rooms, IP devices and services to the maintenance task
Selected components * A list of the components you have selected. Components can be removed from this list by checking the box in front of the component and click “Remove selected components”.
Start maintenance Select at what date and time the maintenance task will start.
End maintenance Select at what date and time the maintenance task will end.
Description * Describe the maintenance task. This field is displayed in the task lists and when connecting a maintenance task to a message in the messages tool.

Edit a maintenance task

Basically, you can edit anything when editing a maintenance task. Components can be both removed from and added to the task. If the task already are in the active state, the maintenance tool will do its best to select the correct state, so that all changes to the components list will become active.

Using maintenance tasks in messages

When adding messages, you may choose to connect the message to one or more planned or active maintenance tasks.

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