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nav-ref Arbeidsliste

NAV-ref forside

Dette er den til enhver tid gjeldende listen over innspill fra nav-ref.

Prioriterte oppgaver

Disse oppgavene er sortert i den rekkefølgen de er stemt fram av referansegruppen.

  1. LP#1062288 - NAV should provide a topology-based analysis of “what-happens-if-this-device-goes-down”
  2. LP#1062313 - Find a replacement for Cricket (Dette er en TUNG og stor oppgave)
  3. LP#1062150 - NAV has no concept of an “unknown” status
  4. LP#1062298 - NAV watchdog
  5. LP#1169550 - Model virtual stacks to enable alerts on stack degradation
  6. LP#1062177 - Collect and present aggregated link info (portchannel/etherchannel etc.)
  7. LP#1062146 - Subcategories should be simplified into a group or tag concept
  8. LP#1169527 - Detect topology of unrouted VLANs
  9. LP#1169553 - Collect traffic statistics for physical ports and merge with switch-ports and router-interfaces in Cricket to a common ports tree
  10. LP#1169154 - Transceivers should have their own class instead of counting as modules
  11. LP#1063703 - The status page is becoming cluttered and should be redesigned
  12. LP#1169559 - Print button for Netmap
  13. LP#1169166 - Community strings should be censored in the SeedDB netbox listing
  14. LP#1149179 - Database of room pictures
  15. LP#1169562 - Collect power statistics from APC equipment
  16. LP#1061523 - Feature request: Modify front page
  17. LP#1062203 - ipdevpoll job configuration description
  18. LP#1169532 - Script to filter NAV database dumps
  19. LP#1169557 - Room and Organization opt fields should be replaced with a arbitrary variable=value scheme

Ikke prioriterte oppgaver

Disse oppgavene har ikke blitt tildelt noen prioritet og ligger i usortert rekkefølge.

  1. LP#1062152 - User-defined attributes on room and organization entries organizational
  2. LP#1062175 - Prefix discovery timestamp
  3. LP#1063699 - Dual stack monitoring
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