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NTNU NAV Projects

In the old days (before 2004), when NAV was maintained by NTNU, UNINETT funded the development projects and final project reports were made (the three first projects only have Norwegian documentation):

  • Autumn 2001: NAVMe: Pilot project to install NAV at the University of Tromsø (in Norwegian).
  • 2002: NAVRun: Create an installation package of NAV 2 for easy distribution/installation among Uninett members (in Norwegian).
  • 2002: NAVMore: Initial development of functionality that would end up in the next major version of NAV (v3). (In Norwegian).
  • 2003: tigaNAV: Full scale development of new NAV 3 features (2003).
  • 2004: freeNAV: Testing and stabilizing NAV 3 for initial GPL release of a 3.0.0 version.

NAV development has, of course, continued beyond 2004 - then with project management at UNINETT. We have stopped making public project reports, but results are certainly available in our ongoing stream of feature releases :-)

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