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The PortAdmin tool is reached from IP Device Info (under Actions|configure ports).

The tool lets the NAV user set vlan values and descriptions (ifalias) for interfaces.

For the user

Available vlans

The leftmost box will display your available vlans. This is the vlans you can set on the interfaces.

A vlan is a member of an organization. A user is also a member of an organization. To be able to set a vlan you must be a member of the same organization as the vlan. As a NAV admin you have no such restrictions.

Interface view

The interface view is divided into five columns:

  1. The name of the interface
  2. Active state - green if interface is enabled, red if disabled
  3. Operating state - green if operative (has link), red if not operative
  4. Interface description (ifalias)
  5. Vlan

To change the interface description (ifalias):

  1. change the interface description in the textfield
  2. click the save button to save the description to the netbox.

To change the interface vlan:

  1. click the dropdown and select the vlan you want active on the interface
  2. click the save button next to the dropdown to activate the change

To change several interfaces at the same time:

  1. make the changes on all interfaces
  2. click the “Save all” button either at the top or bottom of the interface view

For the admin

Config file

The config file is located in the NAV config directory as portadmin/portadmin.conf.

Configuration of default vlan

A default vlan is a vlan that is not routed. User should set an interface to this vlan to deactivate this interface. If this vlan is not defined on the switch, you can tell portadmin your default vlan explicitly.

vlan = 666
netident = This vlan is not routed.

Restricting interface descriptions

You may restrict the interface descriptions. This is done by defining a regexp for possible values.

format = \d+

When you enable this restriction, an infobox will display the content of portadmin/aliasformat.html.

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