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 ====== The Traffic Map ====== ====== The Traffic Map ======
-The traffic map is entirely rewritten ​for NAV 3.5. The old traffic map is no longer available, that is you may manually install it, if you want to keep it.+:!: This information ​is here for historic purposes and is **OUTDATED**
-Please refere ​to the [[Netmap]] page for more info on the 3.5 netmapThis page is kept for those running pre 3.5 or have manually installed the old traffic map.+The Traffic Map was a component of NAV versions prior to 3.5. Version ​3.5 through 3.11 featured a replacement called //Netmap//. These were both implemented as Java applets. NAV version 3.12 and later feature [[Netmap|a new Netmap implemented in Javascript]] using modern web standards such as HTML5 and SVG.
 ===== What does the traffic map do? ===== ===== What does the traffic map do? =====
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