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This document contains information about upgrading from previous version of NAV to 3.6.


A brand new solution is in place for making cricket config files automatically. To ensure a smooth transition make sure to read this documentation carefully.

Prior to making any changes to the existing installation, the following MUST be done to ensure correctness:

  1. Remove all rrd-database tuples regarding Cricket.
  2. Run to fill the rrd-database with complete and correct data.

When the rrd-database is refilled, the following steps must be executed:

  1. Before removing any Cricket files make sure you have a backup of them. Especially if you have altered them yourself in any way.
  2. Remove old configuration-files from the cricket-config directory (it is highly recommended to do this for the top level Defaults file aswell). This is only necessary for the following directories (NB: do not remove these directories):
    • routers/
    • router-interfaces/
    • switches/
    • switch-ports/
  3. Copy new default configuration files to the cricket-config directory.
  4. Run to extract oids from the Default files and insert them into the snmpoid table.

Before running the new makecricketconfig make sure to do the database upgrade.

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