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NAV 3.2

NAV 3.2.0 was released on 2nd February 2007. The following features were planned (follow the links for details), but not all made it into the release. They will be re-scheduled for the 3.3 release (this page will soon disappear).

The following known bugs were to be analyzed and fixed:

  • Strengten the ability to classify whether type.cs_at_vlan is supported. Set false defaults when possible.
  • Address and solve the “hardware version changed” problem, also for Cisco equipment with internal inconsistencies (bugid 1550393)
  • Implement support for robustness in event engine in respect to service monitor event. Similar solution as is done for statusmon events (bugid 1482338)
  • Event engine dous not detect the up events for modules in some cases and thus causes false alarms - bug
  • Network explorer should only link to device center where there is an exact match.
  • Make the count of machines in prefix matrix to be the number of maachines sees last week.
  • Allow changes of roomid, this requires a trigger in the database so that netbox.roomid is equivalently updated.
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