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Cake with NAV logo

For those of you who have not already noticed, we released the final NAV 4.0 version less than two weeks ago. Due to a serious bug found on the 3.15 branch, 4.0.1 was also released last week.

We also celebrated with cake!

As before, the most convenient way of getting started with NAV is using Debian GNU/Linux and the packages from our APT repository. If you aren’t already up and running with NAV, see our guide for adding the repository to your Debian server.

We realize that Graphite’s documentation may not be the best, and we are already receiving question about installing and configuring both the Carbon backend and the web frontend. Since we are a bit Debian focused, we have published a guide for installing and configuring Graphite for NAV use on a Debian server on our wiki.

As always, happy NAVing!