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Post 4.0 experiences and 4.1 plans

NAV 4.0 has now been widely deployed, and people are enjoying the fresh layout, improved interface and (not really enjoying) new bugs. The feedback has been very good, but some issues have been raised.

NAV 4.0 experiences

Graphite and it’s data-accepting sidekick Carbon have been creating some trouble for new and old NAV users. We have tried to help those with problems, but still have some issues that have not been resolved. This is kind of expected when introducing a new element for such a critical part of NAV, but we are working hard to fix the remaining issues.

We have seen an increased interest in NAV after the release of 4.0. That is something we are very happy about. We would like to remind you that to communicate with other NAV users and developers, you can use IRC (channel #nav on or email

NAV 4.1

In addition to fixing bugs we have been working on new functionality for the NAV 4.1 release which is scheduled for release in late May.

Screenshot of WatchDog report in NAV

The most visible addition is WatchDog. WatchDog tries to give you an indication about the health of your NAV installation. It runs tests for known problems to see if everything is as it should be, and displays this information in a widget. WatchDog also has its own page displaying its status, as well as interesting general information about your NAV installation.

We have also been working on the Subnet Matrix report to make it able to display smaller subnets for a more complete overview of the prefix usage on your network.

Lastly we have been working on getting rid of the optional fields available in rooms and organizations. These fields will be replaced with a much more flexible solution where you can have as many or few fields with custom information as you want. And yes, the old values will be copied to the new solution.

That is all for now. As always, feel free to contact us by email for general inquires or for support related issues. We are also available on IRC channel #nav on