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The third maintenance release of the NAV 4.2 series is now available.

The source code is available for download at Launchpad. A new package for Debian Wheezy has been published in our APT repository, as usual.


  • LP#392148 (Add microformats in maintenance module)
  • LP#1108736 (seeddb vlan page have checkbox but no delete selected)
  • LP#1242868 (device group improvements)
  • LP#1248095 (device groups should be searchable in the NAVbar)
  • LP#1316608 (Search in statistics gives stacktrace)
  • LP#1398382 (AssertionError prevents Netmap from loading any graph/map)
  • LP#1410687 (room netbox interfaces must indicate that topology exists)
  • LP#1411243 (Radius error log search: “could not convert string to float: hours”)
  • LP#1412735 (arnold switching from exponential to normal duration gives wrong duration)
  • LP#1414934 (Expanding some switch ports makes Network Explorer hang)
  • LP#1414943 (No collected IPv6 prefixes on Cisco Nexus routers)
  • LP#1414975 (network explorer doesn’t report backend failures to end user)
  • LP#1419746 (portadmin crashes when searching for a netbox that has no type)
  • LP#1420836 (Parsing of sensors with names that contains #)
  • LP#1421126 (snmpAgentDown blocks BoxDown event)

Happy NAVing everyone!