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The fifth maintenance release of the NAV 4.2 series is now available.

This replaces the 4.2.4 release, which broke the parallel pinger, and possibly other event-posting components. Again, to those who already upgraded to 4.2.4, we apologize for the inconvenience. More details at the bug report here:

The source code is available for download at Launchpad. A new package for Debian Wheezy has been published in our APT repository, as usual.

  • LP#1403365 (offMaintenance alerts for same device every 5 minutes)
  • LP#1422298 (device history crashes when viewing weathergoose events)
  • LP#1422316 (thresholdmon AttributeError crash)
  • LP#1425536 (Status widget error when filtering on Device group)
  • LP#1425846 (alert profiles does not display without refresh)
  • LP#1427666 (watchdog is slow)
  • LP#1428071 (Portadmin crashes when searching by sysname or ip)
  • LP#1428578 (seeddb test for snmp version crashes if neither v1 or v2c is supported)
  • LP#1429868 (ipdevpoll jobs that are no longer supposed to run for a device as flagged as “overdue”)
  • LP#1430795 (SeedDB room edit form asks for user’s location, shows no map until permission is given)
  • LP#1430797 (Geomap shows no map at all when no room positions are defined)
  • LP#1430802 (SeedDB room edit insists on inserting a geoposition)
  • LP#1430803 (SeedDB room form position indicator icon is missing)
  • LP#1431780 (Trunk port status is never reset on non-Cisco equipment)
  • LP#1432056 (mod_wsgi option WSGIApplicationGroup should be %{GLOBAL} by default)
  • LP#1432057 ([appliance] missing python-dnspython)
  • LP#1432620 (Unable to load Netmap layer 3 map with ELINK peers)
  • LP#1432682 (Should be able to specify exact subnet prefixes to ignore)
  • LP#1433063 (netmap zoom and pan does not work for some views)
  • LP#1433120 (Shouldn’t generate linkState alerts for intentionally shutdown interfaces)

Happy NAVing everyone!