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The sixth maintenance release of the NAV 4.2 series is now available.

The source code is available for download at Launchpad. A new package for Debian Wheezy has been published in our APT repository, as usual.

Debian Jessie (the next stable release of Debian) is scheduled for release on Saturday 25th April, so we will start working on building a package for Jessie as well.


The following 11 reported issues have been fixed:


  • LP#1248083 (The ipdevinfo “Affected” tab should be renamed to “what if”)
  • LP#1248085 (ipdevinfo “affected” tab needs to properly list the affected organizations)
  • LP#1338388 (Netmap link traffic does not always show)
  • LP#1435451 (Vendors report should only show Vendors in use)
  • LP#1436125 (No CPU graph from some Cisco CPUs)
  • LP#1436388 (VLAN number cannot be forced by router port description)
  • LP#1437318 (PostgreSQL load driven up by overzealous pruning of old ipdevpoll_job_log entries in NAV 4.2.5)
  • LP#1438930 (No negative values can be displayed in graphs)
  • LP#1442538 (Graphite-web doesn’t support metric aliases with non-ASCII characters)
  • LP#1443775 (alert templates for climate humidity notifications does not exist)
  • LP#1444416 (netmap L3 crash in

Happy NAVing everyone!