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The initial 4.3 series release of NAV is now out, with only minor changes and some bugfixes since the release candidate. A big thanks to those who helped test the release candidate!

The source code is available for download at Launchpad. A new package for Debian Wheezy has been published in our APT repository as usual (We have no packages for Debian Jessie yet, due to dependency problems and our own resource constraints).

The virtual appliance download has also been updated.


This release makes some fundamental changes to NAV’s data model to improve support for non-physical devices (like Cisco VSS and Cisco VDC). Please read the release notes for further information.

User-visible features and improvements:

  • LP#744943 (Add switch to toggle display of traffic lines in Geomap)
  • LP#961212 (Show planned/active maintenance tasks for device in IP Device Info)
  • LP#1149160 (Auto-recognize HTTP URLs in reports and hyperlink them)
  • LP#1166695 (PortAdmin available from the toolbox)
  • LP#1169550 (NAV’s data model should reflect modern reality, with virtual device support)
  • LP#1242872 (Option to turn off traffic stats in Geomap)
  • LP#1248081 (New interface/tool to browse unrecognized neighbors)
  • LP#1366895 (Report widget)
  • LP#1421644 (Support Weathergoose traps from external temperature sensors)


  • LP#1233093 (Report pages crash under psycopg2 >= 2.5)
  • LP#1397257 (Port Admin may not work properly for any non-HP and non-Cisco device)
  • LP#1447973 (CDP/LLDP neighbor matching fails when multiple ports match the identification)
  • LP#1447999 (Existing adjacency candidate data in db is not deleted if a device’s CDP cache or LLDP remote table becomes empty)
  • LP#1448086 (Unable to identify LLDP neighbor’s port in some instances)
  • LP#1458826 (1minstats job crashes on invalid ENTITY-MIB references from CISCO-PROCESS-MIB)
  • LP#1459138 (Ignore Cisco reserved VLANs when collecting BRIDGE-MIB data)
  • LP#1463724 (Increase frequency of module status verification)

Happy NAVing everyone!