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The second maintenance release of the NAV 4.3 series is now out.

The source code is available for download at Launchpad. New packages for Debian Wheezy and Jessie have been published in our APT repository as usual (and the virtual appliance has been updated).


The following reported bugs have been fixed:

  • LP#1487436 (arnold rejects ip-addresses that ends with the number 0)
  • LP#1488003 (Alert Profiles UI does not enable multi-value select for the “IN” filter operator)
  • LP#1488010 (link to ipdevinfo if applicable for subjects without absolute url)
  • LP#1488441 (room map widget does not load map)
  • LP#1488774 (Arnold documentation should be updated and moved from wiki to Sphinx)
  • LP#1489843 (javascript require-libs timeout)
  • LP#1492246 (Topology of disabled interfaces may linger in some cases)
  • LP#1494190 (clicking on a shared time period in alert profiles selects all)
  • LP#1494232 (hovering a shared time period in alert profiles highlights all)
  • LP#1494233 (When exporting switch port information from a room view as CSV, the output contains extra spaces and newlines in the first column)
  • LP#1494279 (Inconsistent Servicemon checker names)
  • LP#1496396 (Service checker descriptions and service checker argument descriptions are not displayed to the user in SeedDB)
  • LP#1496780 (Threshold alerts are not very descriptive on the status page)
  • LP#1497970 (Add SEMI-MIB to retrieve serial number for HP 1810 switch)
  • LP#1498323 (Traps from WeatherGoose devices no longer work after rebranding from IT Watchdogs to Geist)
  • LP#1499343 (The wiki page describing background processes in NAV should be moved to Sphinx docs)
  • LP#1500423 (ipdevpoll: Transaction managed block ended with pending COMMIT/ROLLBACK)
  • LP#1500425 (Inventory and statuscheck jobs of ipdevpoll still can fail after an OS upgrade)
  • LP#1505524 (Retrieve software version for HP 1810 switch)
  • LP#1505945 (Add API endpoint for VLAN information)
  • LP#1507467 (Temperature sensor gauges as widgets)
  • LP#1513046 (LLDP neighbors with “funny” names may cause ipdevinfo NoReverseMatch crash)
  • LP#1516956 (Services should be considered on maintenance when their parent IP Device is on maintenance)
  • LP#1516972 (Maintenance status is not visible in service matrix and service lists)

Happy NAVing everyone!