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The first maintenance release of the NAV 4.4 series is now out.

The source code is available for download at Launchpad. New packages for Debian Wheezy and Jessie have been published in our APT repository as usual (and the virtual appliance is being updated).


The following reported bugs have been fixed:

  • LP#1535647 (Broken graph widgets after upgrade to 4.4.0)
  • LP#1535688 (ipdevpoll multiprocess mode broken in NAV 4.4.0)
  • LP#1535701 (subnet matrix has no visible feedback to user if prefix utilization API call fails)
  • LP#1535723 (Room page’s interface tab is blank in NAV 4.4.0)
  • LP#1536031 (Unable to create a new user)
  • LP#1536060 (Unable to get switch port activity for anything but the default interval value)

Happy NAVing everyone!