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The second maintenance release of the NAV 4.4 series is now out.

The source code is available for download at Launchpad. New packages for Debian Wheezy and Jessie have been published in our APT repositoryas usual (and the virtual appliance is being updated).


The following reported bugs have been fixed:

  • LP#1538029 (Rickshaw color palette is bad for color blind users)
  • LP#1538113 (report widget crashes with 500)
  • LP#1538270 (PortAdmin crashes when non admin try to remove a vlan from the trunk)
  • LP#1540839 (ipdevpoll inventory job fails when deleting old router addresses)
  • LP#1541246 (alertprofiles: adding subscription fails (when form is not valid?))
  • LP#1541358 (NAV doesn’t work with python-gammu versions 2 and up)

Happy NAVing everyone!