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The third maintenance release of the NAV 4.4 series was released 31.03.

The source code is available for download at Launchpad. New packages for Debian Wheezy and Jessie have been published in our APT repository as usual (and the virtual appliance is being updated).


The following reported bugs have been fixed:

  • LP#1538270 (PortAdmin crashes when non admin try to remove a vlan from the trunk)
  • LP#1543529 (portadmin: default vlan is not setable for non-admin if auth is enabled)
  • LP#1543953 (Wrong units in Gbits/s graphs)
  • LP#1544059 (Subnet matrix is no longer helpful when no scopes have been defined)
  • LP#1551205 (Subject description of 3rd party alerts in status page are uninformative)
  • LP#1552198 (ranked statistics give vague error when no data exists)
  • LP#1554466 (PortAdmin: when proper cisco voice vlans enabled changing vlan changes native vlan)
  • LP#1559004 (Extract VLAN information from Juniper routers)
  • LP#1563369 (Rickshaw graphs do not update on interval change)

Happy NAVing everyone!