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The second maintenance release of the NAV 4.5 series is now out.

The source code is available for download at Launchpad. A new package Debian Jessie has been published in our APT repository as usual (and the virtual appliance is being updated).


The following reported bugs have been fixed:

  • LP#1567939 (add buttons to change time period in statistics widget)
  • LP#1575112 (Missing switch ports and CAM data from Aruba switches (S2500))
  • LP#1594271 (Sensors with non-ASCII names or descriptions may cause errors in status widget and status page)
  • LP#1595445 (Some or all enabled VLANs are sometimes missing from Cisco trunk ports)
  • LP#1595835 (Collect binary inputs of Comet web sensors)

Happy NAVing everyone!