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The second maintenance release of the 4.6 series of NAV is now out!

The source code is available for download at GitHub. A new package for Debian Jessie is published in our APT repository, as usual. Issues can be viewed and reported in the NAV issue list.

The virtual appliance will be updated shortly.


Fixed issues in this release:

  • #1326 (ipdevpoll -n option may be unable to match single IP addresses in environments without DNS names)
  • #1344 (Location is mandatory field when adding a room, but not when bulk importing)
  • #1433 (Users with non-set passwords may crash the login page)
  • #1437 (Eventengine’s modulestate plugin will not handle alerts on modules that have duplicates)
  • #1454 (Alert message HTML templates break on events that have no associated alert type)
  • #1455 (Alert profiles with vendor-based filters seems to crash the Alertengine completely)
  • #1460 (“arp” API endpoint produces server error when mixing ip and ordering=netbox)
  • #1464 (Selecting page size in reports eliminates search parameters)
  • #1471 (Fallback to default set of sensor-collecting MIBs does not work)
  • #1471 (revision library stuff should be renamed to cache)
  • #1476 (OverflowError when searching for IPv6 prefix in the navbar)
  • #1477 (The Prefix details page should only list GW and GSW devices under the router ports list)
  • #1478 (l2trace hardcodes internal URLs)
  • #1479 (Change prefix links to new prefix details page)
  • #1480 (ipdevpoll sensors plugin should verify enterprise IDs using live queries, not db lookups)
  • #1481 (Organization column is empty in room deviceinfo page)
  • #1484 (cant save status filter when filter has special characters)
  • #1485 (AlertProfiles crashes with a UnicodeEncodeError when attempting to save a profile with non-ASCII characters in its name)

Happy NAVing everyone!