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The initial 4.7 series release of NAV is now out!

Because we discovered serious but easily fixable problems rather early, we decided to postpone posting on the blog. A separate post for the bugfix-release is posted as usual.

The source code is available for download at GitHub. A new package for Debian Jessie is published in our APT repository, as usual.

The virtual appliance will be updated shortly.


As always, we recommend you read the release notes for a fuller description of the new features and significant changes.

NAV 4.7 introduces the following user-visible features and improvements:

  • #1174 (Rewrite ipdevpoll’s multiprocess mode to use generic worker model)
  • #1183+#1463 (Monitor BGP connectivity)
  • #1236+1416 (Feature request: API for unrecognized neighbors)
  • #1239 (multidashboard export import)
  • #1411+#1515 (Add PortAdmin “Write mem” support for H3C switches)
  • #1428 (added broadcast & multicast counters to interfaces (ipdevinfo))
  • #1467 (Add support for Comet MS series data loggers)
  • #1468 (Rittal cmc iii support)
  • #1469 (Powernet: Distinguish between phase load and bank load sensors.)
  • #1472 (Added support for Raritan PDU2 mib PDUs)
  • #1474 (Add a comprehensive view of collected sensors and their data on a new Sensors tab in ipdevinfo)
  • #1475 (Collect sensor readings from Lenovo/IBM PDUs (Power Distribution Units))
  • #1486+#1488 (Add a rack based view of environment sensors in a room)
  • #1489+#1492 (Avoid redundant port counter collection from virtualized instances, such as Cisco VRF)
  • #1498 (Add fullscreen mode for all maps)
  • #1518 (Default setting for map starting point when selecting room geo location)
  • #1522 (Auditlog)

These reported bugs have been fixed:

  • #1403 (deleting a netbox makes data-collection stop)
  • #1456 (The old status page code should be removed)
  • #1462 (Netmap performance improvements)
  • #1493 (Status widget, “Not device group” filter is wrong)
  • #1496 (Missing jQuery tinysort javascript library)
  • #1500 (Sensor details - fix spelling on “Thesholds”)
  • #1507 (The regexp for ifalias is not shown)
  • #1511 (Minor IPAM improvements)
  • #1512 (Update old javascript libraries)
  • #1519 (ipdevinfo doesn’t list aggregators for some Juniper interfaces)

Happy NAVing everyone!