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The third maintenance release of the 4.7 series of NAV is now out!

The source code is available for download at GitHub. New packages for Debian 8/9 (Jessie/Stretch) is published in our APT repository, as usual.

The virtual appliance will be updated shortly. The appliance is still based on Debian Jessie, but will hopefully migrate to Debian Stretch soon.


Fixed issues in this release:

  • #1402 (Maintenance alerts about non existing devices)
  • #1590 (IPAM: Add quickfix, logging for prefixes with no VLAN)
  • #1592 (Report crashes when attempting to sort a column filtered on a non-ASCII value)
  • #1593 (Logengine inserts quoted log messages into database)
  • #1595 (Drawing sensor graphs fail for sensors that have no human readable description)
  • #1601 (Updating room id creates a new room)
  • #1603 (AlertEngine crashes when processing filters containing “not equals” matches)
  • #1604 (Running ipdevpoll in multiprocess mode will delay resolving of snmpAgentDown alerts)
  • #1605 (Log output from ipdevpoll multiprocess workers is lost)
  • #1606 (linear gauge does not fill with gradient)
  • #1610 (Remove stale topology information from ports that are down, where the assumed link partner is still up )

Happy NAVing everyone!