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The initial feature release of the 4.8 series of NAV is now out!

The source code is available for download at GitHub.

New packages for Debian 8/9 (Jessie/Stretch) have, unfortunately, NOT been built yet, due to unforeseen difficulties with our new build routine. They will hopefully be published in our APT repositorytomorrow.

The virtual appliance will be updated once the Debian packages are ready.


User-visible features and improvements:

  • #1156 (Detect topology of unrouted VLANs)
  • #1225 (Service Http(s)Checker should be ok with 401 status if no user/password is configured)
  • #1232 (Collect Digital Optical Monitoring (DOM) data)
    • #1559 (Added support for DOM value for juniper devices using JUNIPER-DOM-MIB)
  • #1240 (Add a widget with alerts grouped by location)
    • #1554 (Added a Locations with active alerts widget)
  • #1242 (information about power over ethernet (poe) interfaces)
  • #1243 (email availability reports)
    • #1570 (E-mail subscription to Business reports)
  • #1313 (Deleting a netbox is extremely slow)
    • #1542 (Deleting netbox in background with navclean)
  • #1420 (Upload and browse pictures on Locations, just as with rooms)
    • #1555 (Added support for pictures in locations)
  • #1503 (Extended Location information)
  • #1505 (Better ports overview)
    • #1562 (New and improved, filterable interface listing for devices)
    • #1600 (Portlist improvements)
  • #1506 (Add option to show source of ARP records in Machine Tracker, to avoid confusion in HSRP/VRRP lans)
    • #1541 (Added option for showing origin in machinetracker)
  • #1513 (Support adding, updating and deleting IP Devices using the API)
    • #1612 (Enable write operations for netbox and room API endpoints)
  • #1533 (Feature request: toggle all VLANs in portadmin trunk)
  • #1545 (Added auditlog for trunk edit in portadmin)
  • #1584 (Cleanup django_sessions periodically)
  • #1599 (Option to filter nodes by category in ipdefvinfo neighbor graph)
  • #1611 (Display list of allowed VLANs on trunks in port details)

Other fixed GitHub issues in this release:

  • #1211 (Optical transmit/receive power sensors should have a relation to an interface)
    • #1558 (Make sensors relatable to interfaces)
  • #1345 (Collect bridge addresses for neighbor identification)
    • #1548 (Collect base bridge address from BRIDGE-MIB as part of the bridge plugin)
  • #1510 (Create new SQL baseline)
    • #1544 (Updated the SQL Baseline with changes before 4.7)
    • #1614 (SQL baseline cleanup)
  • #1523 (Netmap lists interface under wrong netbox)
  • #1549 (Topology algorithms partial rewrite)
  • #1557 (Power over Ethernet support in ipdevinfo)
  • #1564 (snmpcheck: Fix database access from main thread and per process cache)
  • #1566 (Remove inline pydns)
  • #1585 (Remove support for outdated versions of pysnmp)
  • #1602 (Remove django-oauth2-provider library dependency)

Happy NAVing everyone!