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Hi everyone,

this is a two-fold announcement:

1. We have, as of today, published a NAV 4.9.7 package for Debian 10 (Buster) in our regular APT repository. Please see the updated instructions for use of the APT repository.

2. As previously mentioned, we are now discontinuing support for the Debian 8 (Jessie) line of NAV packages. There will be no new updates for this outdated platform from our side.

There is, however, one caveat to using the NAV package on Debian 10: If you want to serve both the NAV web UI and Graphite-web from the same server, you cannot achieve this on Debian 10 using the regular Apache + mod_wsgi method for both applications.

Debian 10 ships with a graphite-web package that runs on Python 3, while NAV 4.9 does not support Python 3 (we expect the next feature release to run on Python 3). mod_wsgi cannot be made to serve both Python versions on the same Apache server - you will have to select a Python-version specific mod_wsgi package.

For this reason, the virtual appliance has not yet been updated to Debian 10.

For our production deployments, we serve up NAV and Graphite-web using a uWSGI application server, and use Apache + mod_uwsgi as a front to provide TLS and serving of static file resources. This works fine on Debian 10, as each uWSGI application instance is an independent process.

UPDATE: The NAV virtual appliance has now been updated to run on Debian 10, using uWSGI to run Graphite-web under Python 3, separately from NAV (which still runs in mod_wsgi, at the moment). The documentation has been updated.