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The second maintenance release of the 5.1 series of NAV is now out!

The source code is available for download at GitHub.

A new package for Debian 10 (Buster) is available in our APT repository as usual. Packages for Debian 9 (Stretch) have been discontinued.

Please be extra aware of config file changes. Look out for *.dpkg-dist files in /etc/nav and make sure to update your running config.

The virtual appliance will be updated shortly.

Fixed GitHub issues in this release

  • #2210 ([BUG] Traffic graphs use the SI unit system rather than binary prefixes)
  • #2215 ([BUG] NAV will refuse to identify LLDP remote port names that contain trailing NUL bytes)
  • #2235 ([BUG] TypeError at /alertprofiles/filters/add-expression/ init_() takes 1 positional argument but 2 were given)
  • #2238 ([BUG] Geomap doesn’t work if DOMAIN_SUFFIX is not set in nav.conf)
  • #2239 ([BUG] using DOMAIN_SUFFIX breaks netbox links in Geomap)
  • #2241 (Allow custom tabs for port details view)
  • #2250 (Fix formatting of small and negative numbers in Rickshaw graphs)
  • #2252 (Fix broken serial numbers for Juniper, APC PowerNet and old HP devices)

Release notes

We always advise you to have a look at NAV’s accompanying release notes when upgrading.

Happy NAVing everyone!