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The first maintenance release of the 5.5 series of NAV is now out!

The source code is available for download at GitHub.

New packages for Debian 10 (Buster) and 11 (Bullseye) are available in our APT repository as usual.

Please be extra aware of config file changes. Look out for *.dpkg-dist files in /etc/nav and make sure to update your running config.

The virtual appliance will be updated, but currently, the automated GitHub workflows aren’t working due to changes at GitHub.


  • Delete and ignore module devices with fake serial number BUILTIN, as reported by Juniper equipment, in order to avoid spamming with device[SFH]wUpgrade alerts (#2491, #2492)

Release notes

We always advise you to have a look at NAV’s accompanying release notes before upgrading.

Happy NAVing everyone!