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The first feature release of the 5.7 series of NAV is now out!

The source code is available for download at GitHub.

New packages for Debian 10 (Buster) and 11 (Bullseye) are available in our APT repository as usual. We haven’t started building packages for Debian 12 (Bookworm) yet, but hope to do so by the end of 2023.

Please be extra aware of config file changes. Look out for *.dpkg-dist files in /etc/nav and make sure to update your running config.


  • Even more complex and flexible configuration of NAV logging is now supported through logging.yml (#2659)
  • Added howto guide for log configuration (#2660)
  • Currently non-functional (aka. “blacklisted”) alert sender mechanisms are now flagged in the Alert Profiles tool wherever an affected alert address is displayed (#2653, #2664, #2677, #2678)
  • Added support for polling and alerting on Juniper chassis and system alerts (#2358, #2388)
    • Juniper only provides alert counters via SNMP, no alert details, unfortunately.
    • Since NAV doesn’t support alert state updates, a new eventengine plugin handles alert count transitions by resolving old alerts and creating new ones (#2432, #2519)
  • Added a new contains_address filter to the prefix API endpoint, to enable lookup of matching prefix/vlan details from a single IP or subnet address (#2577, #2578)
  • Defined and added abstract methods for Power-over-Ethernet configuration to PortAdmin management handler classes (#2636)
    • These are needed for the upcoming vendor specific implementations of PoE config in PortAdmin.
  • Implemented configuration file parsing for upcoming local JWT token feature (#2568)


User-visible fixes

  • Properly dispose of outgoing alert notifications to invalid alert addresses (#2661)
  • Fixed crash when attempting to log device errors with an empty comment in the Device History tool (#2579, #2580)
  • Fixed bad styling and missing linebreaks in traceback section of the 500 error page (#2607, #2628)
  • Show help text instead of error when running nav command without arguments (#2601, #2603)
  • Prevent users from entering invalid sysObjectID values when editing Netbox types in SeedDB (#2584, #2566)
  • Removed upper version bound for Pillow image manipulation library, to fix security warnings (#2567)
  • Alerts that cannot be sent due to blacklisted media plugins will no longer fill up alertengine.log every 30 seconds, unless DEBUG level logging is enabled (#1787, #2652)
  • DNS lookups in ipdevinfo are now properly case insensitive (#2615, #2650)
  • Alert Profiles will now properly require Slack alert addresses to be valid URLs (#2657)
  • 5 minute and 15 minute load average values will now be collected correctly for Juniper devices (#2671, #2672)
  • Fix cabling API, which broke due to internal refactorings (#2621)
  • Only install NAV’s custom epollreactor2 in ipdevpoll if running on Linux (#2503, #2604)
    • Stops ipdevpoll from crashing on BSDs.

Developer-centric fixes

  • Moved more of NAV’s packaging definition to pyproject.toml (#2655)
  • Pin pip to version 23.1.0 for CI pipelines to continue working (#2647)
  • Improve ipdevpoll logging of SQL queries and from Twisted library (#2640)
  • Stop making skipped validation tests for non HTML content (#2623)
  • Version-locked indirect dependencies of test suites (#2622, #2617)
  • Improve SNMP forwarding/proxying container setup, including adding IPv6 support (#2637, #2516)
  • Documented a recipe for establishing SNMP tunnels when testing devices on otherwise unreachable networks (#2426, #2435)
  • Run Django development web server in “insecure” mode to improve simulation of a production environment when debug flag is turned off (#2625)
  • Added a proper docstring to bootstrap_django() function (#2619, #2168)
  • Stop restoring stale tox environment caches in GitHub workflows (#2605)
  • Added tests for ipdevpoll worker euthanization (#2599, #2548)
  • Added tests to ensure snmptrapd can properly look up a NAV router that sends traps from one of its non-management IP addresses (#2500, #2510)
  • Avoid redundant graphite time formatting strings by re-using constant (#2588, #2543)
  • Make detection of running in a virtualenv more compatible with modern toolchain (#2573)
  • Revert to having tox run its own dependency installer (#2572)
  • Added explicit back-relation names for several Django ORM models (#2544, #2546, #2547, #2549, #2550, #2551)

Release notes

We always advise you to have a look at NAV’s accompanying release notes before upgrading.

Happy NAVing everyone!