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NAV configuration

Her you can find a number of documents that give you necessary informaration on how to configure NAV.

  • GettingStarted contains information you need after a completed installation.
  • Useful information to get you started using NAV
    • SeedEssentials Essential information needed for seeding the NAV database
    • CategoriesAndTypes Explains NAVs concept of equipment categories and types.
    • EquipmentTypes contains a list of types that you can add to your NAV installation
    • SubnetsAndVlans Parameters that describe subnets, network types, network description.
  • A walk through on usage and configuration for all the NAV tools:
    • AlertProfiles gives an overview on how the Alert Profile system works
    • TrafficMap explains some hidden features in the traffic map
    • SortedStats gives some information about how to use and configure the sorted statistics tool.
    • arnold Arnold is a switchport blocking tool. Use it to manually block switchports, or to run automated blocking raids.
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