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For a complete history of NAV, see HistoryOfNAV. The first official open source version of NAV was NAV 3.0.

Where is NAV going?

NAV has a long history and a lot of code to maintain. Our current strategy is this:

  • Let there be no doubt; our focus is on network management
  • NAV's key strength is on detecting network topology, tracking machines and visualizing the network.
  • We will focus on supporting commonly deployed network equipment.
  • Reducing complexity is important, both in terms of installing and using NAV.

A more concrete overview of release plans and what we are working on in NAV can be found as milestones, bug reports and blueprints at our Launchpad project page.

Release history

These are the releases of NAV from version 3.0 and up to 3.11. Since NAV 3.4 we have used Launchpad; more up-to-date information about past releases and future milestones can be found there. The table below only lists the feature releases after NAV 3.5, not bugfix releases.

Version Type Status Date Release notes Details
3.0 new features released 16 Sept 2005 release notes
3.0.1 bug fix released 28 April 2006 release notes
3.1 new features released 30 June 2006 release notes
3.1.1 bug fix released 8 November 2006 release notes
3.2 new features released 2 February 2007 release notes TaskList2006
3.2.1 bug fix released 16 February 2007 release notes
3.2.2 bug fix released 1 May 2007 release notes
3.3 new features released 1 October 2007 release notes TaskList3.3
3.3.1 bug fix released 8 November 2007 release notes
3.3.2 bug fix released 10 December 2007 release notes
3.3.3 bug fix released 14 March 2008 release notes
3.4 new features released 16 May 2008 release notes TaskList3.4
3.4.1 bug fix released 15 July 2008 release notes
3.4.2 bug fix released 1 August 2008 release notes
3.4.3 bug fix released 16 September 2008 release notes, changelog
3.4.4 bug fix released 29 October 2008 release notes, changelog
3.5.0b1 new features (beta) released 7 October 2008 release notes, changelog
3.5.0b2 new features (beta) released 3 November 2008 release notes, changelog
3.5.0b3 new features (beta) released 4 December 2008 release notes, changelog
3.5 new features released 22 January 2009 release notes, changelog
3.6 new features released 7 October 2010 release info
3.7 new features released 11 November 2010 release info
3.8 new features released 3 February 2011 release info
3.9 new features planned 12 May 2011 planned features
3.10 new features planned 4 Aug 2011 planned features
3.11 new features planned 15 Dec 2011 planned features

Open issues

All open issues are listed as bugs on the Launchpad bug tracker.

User submitted feature requests

Use our bug tracker at LaunchPad to view feature requests (bugs with “wishlist” priority), or to submit your own.

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